A day in the life of a student | Roberta Tihomirova

Sep 30, 2019 · 2 min read
The planner of Roberta Tihomirova with all her plans, upcoming events, and assignments. Roberta is a very organized person and cannot stand chaos in any aspect of her life. She starts her day by filling her planner and making sure she did not forget anything. (Photo/Rinat Tashpulatov)
Roberta’s side of the room in Skaptopara II. As for an organized person, it is important for her to keep everything in her life in its order and the room is not an exception. Roberta made her living space cozy and full of memories so it feels like home when she is studying in a different city. (Photo/Rinat Tashpulatov)
Roberta is putting on her favorite mascara. She does not like using a lot of makeup and tries to look as natural as she can. However, Roberta believes that making her eyes look more noticeable from time to time is not a bad idea. (Photo/Rinat Tashpulatov)
Roberta is having a study session with her friend at the beginning of her day. She believes that having all her projects done as early as possible is the key to success so the first thing Roberta does once she is done with her morning routine is meeting all her partners for the group projects and presentations. (Photo/Rinat Tashpulatov)
Roberta is buying a healthy snack before going to the classes in Skaptopara I shop. Roberta follows a healthy lifestyle and is against junk food due to the harm they bring to a human’s organism. She has been eating healthy for more than 5 years and doesn’t feel tempted to eat junk food anymore. (Photo/Rinat Tashpulatov)
Roberta meets her friend in the main lobby of Skaptopara I. Roberta is a very opened and communicative person. She is a member of TEDxAUBG club where she made a lot of very good friends one of which is in the picture. (Photo/Rinat Tashpulatov)
Roberta is laughing during her Digital Photojournalism class. Roberta is double-majoring in Business Administration and Journalism. She is handling her studies very well having a higher GPA than the average in AUBG. (Photo/Rinat Tashpulatov)
Roberta in the running track in ABF. As a stress relief after her classes and a morning with intensive studying Roberta likes doing some physical activities such as running, going to the gym, walking, or hiking. She says that it helps both her mind and her body to be on the right track. (Photo/Rinat Tashpulatov)
Roberta is choosing a new shirt in H&M. The style has always been very important for Roberta and she does not like having a poor choice of clothes in her wardrobe. She tries to keep her style simple but yet unique and catchy. (Photo/Rinat Tashpulatov)
Roberta is having dinner with her boyfriend in Aseva restaurant. She keeps her body in shape so the last meal she has is at around 6 pm so that her body has time to process the meal before going to bed. That way Roberta keeps her organism and her body in shape. (Photo/Roberta Tihomirova)

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