What’s up, ladies?

I’m getting inundated with stories about women in London who doubt themselves in the work that they do. Some people might class this as “Imposter Syndrome”, but it feels so much deeper than that, more like: “I’ve got to be mutherf*cking perfect, 100% of the time in everything I do and if I deviate even once, I’m a total failure at life, syndrome”.

So what’s this all about? The obvious answer is that it’s a symptom of the patriarchy, the result of a societal stew that’s been boiling away since before the middle-ages, whereby women have been trained that to be anything less than perfect in all they say or do, means they’re defective.

But this isn’t anything that a lot of the intelligent, working gals in The Big Smoke, don’t understand. They know how it was, they know the times are a changin’, they know they are privileged to be operating in a time when - theoretically at least - equality has never been more championed. The issue is that while these wonderful women understand logically that their chronic doubt is misplaced, they simply don’t have the emotional tools to create a more healthy state for themselves.

I’m here to say to all the ladies out there that might be doubting themselves, you’re not alone, but more importantly you’d be amazed how quick and easy it is to re-tune your mind-set with the right support from a good NLP Coach. With this type of partnership you can develop a proper understanding of what’s going on in your brain, and develop a robust and positive framework for your being. It’ about saying hello to a beautiful change and owning your place in the world.

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