Programming the Mind

I want to be a mindful programmer

Matthew Bunday, a Dev bootcamp teacher, writer and nuddhist, came to talk to our Access Code class last week. Besides getting into some of the details of our curriculum, recent projects and other programing jargon, he gave us a little snippet of his meditation background and how it helped him become a more efficient programmer and person in general.

Meditation is important to me for many reasons, and as our stress levels rise as Access Code get more challenging, meditation could be a fantastic way to keep our sanity.

Matthew also mentioned that programming our mind is just as cool as programming computers. Breaking things into modules, formulating rules and standardizing a way of doing everything in life is key. I took this into consideration and realized I already do this like when I budget out my monthly check, go grocery shopping or do laundry. I like to create systems when it comes to everything!

He also talked about how for him programming will help people become more free. He thinks people shouldn’t have to work to live and programming can help us eliminate jobs so people do not have to be a slave to their job. I totally agree with this! Working is a necessity and it shouldn’t have to be that way. Knowing that I am in a field that can help contribute to this idea makes me feel fulfilled!

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