Madi — love your views.
Denise Garratt


Goodness that’s crazy! Parents fighting to keep their kids separated, thusly perpetuating another generation of ignorance. Sad.

I know what you mean. When I was a kid I lived in a neighborhood full of people of a different religion. My friend Angelina was one of them; we were both 7 years old and hung out all the time but I was banned by her mom from sleeping over or eating at their house because I was “going to hell” for my family having different religious views. When I moved away, she told Angelina it was God doing them a favor. We were 7 year old kids! We didn’t care. We just knew we got along.

On a happy note, whether as parents or aunts or volunteers, we can make our mark on the next generation, by showing today’s children that it’s okay to be brown or black or Indian, or of a different religious viewpoint. We can help in our own small ways to share compassion.