As anticipated, I love this.
Rebekah Blackmon

Thank you so much for your kind words, Rebekah! This article took me a long time to write, and knowing that you loved it makes it all worth it!

“And speaking of regurgitation, I bet I could write a program that automatically generates a resume. “Attention to detail, self-motivated, able to work under tight deadlines, excellent communication skills, out-of-the-box thinker…” That is a hilarious idea- to make a website that generates crappy but hilarious resumes for people- you put in your name, job description, and a couple other things and it’s like MASH, it comes up with a horrible generic resume for you! Would you be interested in collaborating on it with me later this year? We could use it to link to each of our’s work, and along the way we could make a whole bunch of people laugh. :] That’s really cool that you code by the way! I’m curious what sort of stuff you work on.

“I hate that networking is so important (it seems fake to me), but it really, really is.” I think you just inspired another future post! I used to feel that way too until very recently. I’m coming to realize that the best kind of networking is the kind where you forge a genuine connection with someone that you click with. (which is hard, yes, but amazing when it happens!) I’ll elaborate more in a Medium post to come. :]

Thank you again! It means a lot that you enjoyed this post so much.

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