8 Creative Ideas for Bathroom Renovation in Dubai

Are you planning to upgrade your bathroom and looking for the latest renovation Ideas? The reason is that you probably are bored with current designs and want to give your bathroom a fresh look and feel. Don’t worry there are some creative amenities you can add to your bathroom and give it a new level of awesomeness. Presenting to you 6 creative Ideas for the bathroom renovation in Dubai.

1. Let it Rain!

Gone are the days of regular showers! It is time to embrace this new ultra-modern shower that extends across most of the ceiling of the bathroom. This light water pressure mirrors the effect of the downpour. Adding to it the colorful soothing LEDs gives the relaxed ambiance!

What an amazing way to have a shower! And I am sure you want to have one, right?

2. Lighten up!

Bright bathrooms give the illusion of having large spaces. Lighten up your bathroom by installing light colored tiles, glasses, LEDs etc. You would want your bathroom to be bright so that the design and details of it don’t get unnoticed in dark. More than that, bright bathrooms are classy!

3. Be on the Curve!

Think of the best design possible. One of the things that come to mind is sleek and curvy design. These designs are quite popular with electronic gadgets so why not bring them to bathrooms?! Curvy designs are ergonomic and are quite trending in bathroom renovation in Dubai and across the globe!

By now, you might be wondering “Okay, but where do I incorporate these curvy designs?” The room for creativity never shrinks and here are some possibilities.

  • Adding the curve to one bathroom wall, maybe even ceiling.
  • Using curvy faucets that are more rounded.
  • Curvy bathtub.

You can add to this list as much as you want.

Source: https://taskmasters.ae/8-creative-ideas-for-bathroom-renovation-in-dubai/