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Anti-inflammatory diet, what to eat to lose weight in a healthy way

To lose weight by doing good, calming the irritations of our body, the anti-inflammatory diet can be the right choice. In fact, inflammation is a necessary process for our well-being as it helps defend against infections. However, if inflammation becomes chronic it can constitute a danger as it can hide behind many diseases and it is good not to neglect it. To prevent inflammation from getting worse, you can act on your diet, choosing the right foods and adopting an active lifestyle. Specifically, many studies have shown that some foods can fight inflammation, effectively reducing its levels. Let's see some anti-inflammatory foods that should be included in our weekly diet.

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Tips for a long and healthy life

In the third age, a nutrient-rich diet and an active life are the secrets to staying healthy. Here are some tips to get started right away.

Almost seventeen million people in Italy are over 60 years old and, of these, four million have exceeded 80: a vast group of citizens who have ever longer life prospects, but also less and less healthy, according to Eurostat data. Yet the "recipe" for staying healthy even in old age is there, and how! The World Health Organization has given clear indications on its latest a.

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Tasneem Hasnain

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