Eat that frog with a Pomodoro

In the late 1980’s, Francesco Cirillo first came up with the Pomodoro System. Cirillo came up with the name as he utilized a tomato-shaped egg timer when he is managing his time.This technique is basically to fight procrastination and time management by converging your concentration on the task.

In my life I have to practice Pomodoro technique. I decided to do my work. First of all I organized my workplace and then bring all the things near me which I needed during my life rotiune work. I started my work. In the start, I keep myself away distracted by the cell phone or the social mediaI mostly start seeing during my work.

There is a bad habit, whenever I sees my face mostly, I start examining my pimples, scars, acne and a lot of other things and then forgetting all about my work which i am doing, I start finding the solution on youtube. I again started doing the same things without thinking that I was practicing Pomodoro. I wasted a lot of time and then came to know that I was doing something important in my life.

Again I set the alarm and prepare myself not to be distracted again. This time I completed my task my concentration by comvrging on the work and by thinking not to be distracted, although it was going difficult. I think it will get better after more practice, and I have passion for it.INSHA ALLAH and I learn that every tomorrow will give me more potential for following to Pomodoro system.

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