Road To Recovery: Uncovering Challenges Faced By Muslim Youths

Road to Recovery is an upcoming documentary that aims to shed light on the challenges faced by Muslim youths in the UK.

The documentary, produced by Abdul Karim Abdullah, is set to launch on March 18th 2017, at an event held at the Lost Theatre in London.

Following misrepresentations of Muslims within the mainstream media, Abdullah saw a pressing need to address the needs of Muslim youths.

There is a pressing need to dispel myths and stereotypes surrounding Muslims within the media and also address key issues that are prevalent in the community at large.

Abdul Karim stated that, “The Woolwich attack’ resulting in the murder of Lee Rigby sparked national and international concern around extremism among British Muslims. There were numerous layers that were being unpicked by professionals around what lead up to this incident. A few that came about were mental health issues, social isolation, grooming, and exploitation, identity, healthy relationships and support. I had long identified many of these challenges young Muslims face while working in various boroughs in London and also traveling to other cities in the UK contributing to youth events.”

Abdul Karim further stated that,

“What was even more alarming was the lack of support structures in house to help support young Muslims around these pertinent issues. The question I was puzzled with was where do young Muslims go or who do they speak with to help navigate through the challenges growing up in western society?”

Abdul Karim identified a limited number of support services catering for the needs of the Muslim youth in the UK and decided to make the documentary in order to champion the narrative of supporting young Muslim youths.

The documentary aims to give a platform to the voices of young Muslims who are going through day to day challenges and youth and community workers who are at the frontline of supporting young people throughout the country.

It is hoped that by providing raw voices of Muslim youth and the professionals that work with them it will spur discourse within the community and enable them to do more to support the younger Muslim generation.

According to a report by The Muslim Youth Helpline,

“The complex interrelations between the distinctive social and societal pressures that Young British Muslims face and the impact it is having on their mental health is a topic that is being discussed more and more, often on the basis of (as yet) anecdotal evidence gleaned from communities which are experiencing these problems on the ground. Anecdotally, young British Muslims are not currently content that mainstream services will be able to understand their religious and cultural needs and contexts.”

Islamophobia and negative representations of Muslims within the media has led to challenges in dispelling myths and stereotypes and building better interfaith understanding. However, due to individuals who are paving the way forward for the next generation of Muslims in the UK we could hope to achieve positive changes and a well structured support network.

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