Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a plot of the relationship between an organization and its employees. A qualified or an engaged person is one who is fully absorbed in and ebullient about their work and always take supportive action to further the organization reputation and interests. This concept was first appeared as a management theory in the 1990’s and becoming widespread in management practice 2000’s. David MacLeod said “this is about how we create the condition in which employees offer more of their capability and potential”. One of the most enduring definitions is that from the Utrecht university group of occupational psychologists. This measures work engagement, which has three elements are vigor,dedication and absorption. Vigor includes energy, resilience and effort. Dedication includes enthusiasm, inspiration and pride. Absorption is concentration and being engrossed in one’s work.

This is a workplace where all members of an organization to give of their best each day,committed to their organization’s goals and values,motivated to contribute to organizational success,with an enhanced sense of their own complacent. I think the success of employee engagement dependent on some properties where trust and integrity kept a great role. This two properties may come from two different ways that means organization and employees should be honest about their promises. It is an approach that increases the success of business,corroboration to organizational and individual performances,productivity and well-being. This can be measured and it varies from poor to great. Actually I believe that can change the condition of business success dramatically so everyone should careful about it.

This is about having a clear concept of how an organization is fulfilling its demands and objectives, how it is changing to fulfill those better, actually having the capability of taking the right decision between organization and employees. This is start with morning that I am going to work, I know what i am going to do today. I have some extraordinary ideas about how to do it and looking forward toe seeing the team and helping them work well today. After all this is an understanding one’s role to the organization and be loyal. We have to keep in mind that one’s loyalty doesn’t capable of reaching the destination, so team work must necessary.This is about drawing on our employee knowledge and opinion to improve our products and services and be ingenious about how we work.
 Employee Engagement can not be achieved by a mechanistic approach by manipulating employee’s commitment and emotions because when they realize these things they can become cynical and disillusioned. So everyone should be responsible about their promises. The suitable workplace is also responsible for good out-coming because encouraging workplace made engaged employees are more productive, customer focused, and profit-generating and employers are more likely to retain them.

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