Home Automation

What is home automation: Home automation means applying the technology to resident and extend the functions of a residence by taking control over the house and it’s components .

Home automation makes a house alive . It ensures the control of lighting, heating , air-conditioning , ventilation, security etc. Home automation allow the owner to control all this with a software from home and abroad .

History of home automation : The first thinking of automation came with labor saving machine . These machines are powered by electricity or other kind of fuel . On the first phase automated lights , and air-conditions were brought to the user . with flow of time now the doors, security cameras , garage , light, ventilation , in a word every part of the house can be controlled automatically .

Some advantage of home automation :

Safer and easier controlling: Just suppose that you are going outside , but you forgot to turn off your lights or fans. Or AC or anything else.

If you do not make your house automated you will have to go back and turn off these manually here this automation helps . House automation helps you allowing you to control everything with the help of your phone or computer Now you do not have to worry if your child has put off the lighting or not . you can access all by yourself.

Instant security : Home automation improves the security system of your house. It protects your house from unauthorized entry . when ever you are out and there is a peak lock or something you will be alarmed .

Money saving : Home automation also helps with saving money from utility bills . Now if you are out of home you do not have to worry about the house holds. No electricity , gas or other units will be wasted . every part of the house can be

controlled by the home automation system and it will surely save utility bill at the end of the month .

The guest mode: Suppose you are out of town and one of your friend or relative have come on an urgent occasion and he will stay in your house . If your house is automated you do not have to give your house key to the neighbor . You only have to press a key and that’s it . Your door will be opened .

Observation : Now you do not have to be worry about your baby or pets. You can monitor your house from far away by using the facility of home automation . If your pet have to go out for any reason you can control every thing being still .

Disadvantage :

With a huge number advantages there are some disadvantages like the privacy issue .

Home automation is cloud based system . It means you have to operate it through a server . it might possible that some how the server is down or something .

Its also possible that some one might hack into your account and take over the control of your home . That can be a total mass.

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