When you are going to establish your company , you need some marketing tips. Because it begins from the moment you start selecting the name of a company. Everything you will do to establish your company during the first few months is a target to catch the market. Actually start up has a relation with marketing as a means to draw in customers, clients and visitors on a variety of platforms. When your marketing strategy doesn’t work out in your company it will not capable to get profit that means the company is going to be closed. So Marketing Tips for your start up is tantamount.
Think of a name: You have to keep a clear concept when you are determining a name because it is symbolize what you are all about and what you want to achieve. So give a meaningful name. Then think how it look on a logo. This is a decision that you have to choose in one shot at. Because attempting to change your name later is costly and will hinder much of the progress you have already made. So take your time and find a good name. 
The logo and the brand: As you are going to establish a company, you need a logo that will fit with your overall brand. You don’t need a complex logo,make it simple as Amazon, Google, and Apple had made their. Everything they have made is simple and people are going to remember it. You can gather a number of different options for logo and get unbiased feedback on your logo. Keeping positive attitude namely people are going to love it.

What do you want to accomplish: Be determinant. You think what actions you need from your clients and how you operate them. They have to aware of your campaign or promotional activity Do you want them to register for an event, take advantage of a special offer, upgrade an existing product, invest in training, or request a quote ? There may be a multiple options.
How can you reach your target: Here you will take your best way to reach your target. For doing this, consider the following about your customers and prospects: Are they active on social media ? Do they subscribe to your email marketing? What types of messages or call to actions have they responded to in the past? What are waiting for them ? What will give benefit ? After all you have to impress them by your intellectual services,your products etc.
Build consistency and provide the right amount of content: Always try to get as many eyes on the content before it’s published as possible. In other word , you’ll have a marketing editor on the team or secured as a contractor. As you are a beginner, you are probably still figuring out your brand, message and style. Developing for this, make sure your content aligns with it.Actually it says this is written from the same entity, your company, and should showcase consistency throughout. At last be honest and provide the right amount of content.

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