Why Cardboard Boxes Have Risen in Popularity

In the 80s we thought cardboard boxes were cool because we didn’t have toys that interacted intelligently with us, and you can’t say that Teddy Ruxbin counts because he wasn’t iactually nteracting, he was just reading a book. I had one, so I know. And I loved Teddy Tuxbin. I really did. Anymore nowadays kids probably don’t know how to use their imagination enough to make anything out of cardboard boxes, like we used to do when basically no toys made noise. Those were the good old days… As the mother of two small children I can say that it is almost impossible to find toys that don’t require any type of battery. And I can also say that both of my kids love a good a cardboard box.

Recently, though, cardboard boxes have risen in popularity across the board. Perhaps people have finally begun to realize their full potential. Suddenly, we are noticing the crafting potential, the art potential, the recycling potential, the upcycling potential, the projects-in-general potential.

The newest, coolest thing ever in the whole wide world is recycling. As a matter of fact, friendships can be made or broken over this simple act! Has anyone ever been given the stinkeye when someone else finds out that you don’t recycle? Well, I sure have. People think we are genuinely trying to bury the world under a giant pile of trash. Well, let me tell you something, we have to pay big money in my state, per month, just to be given the great privilege of recycling. I’m not going to do that. If recycling is supposed to be such a priority, than it should be accessible to all people, I tell you what.

Upcycling. This a new word that you hear these days, fitting somewhere in that crazy vernacular having to do with hipsters, javastorming, selfies, and freegans. Basically, the nastier something is the more pride you can take in transforming it into something super cool and expensive looking. Cardboard boxes are the best for this, because you can “upcycle” them into cute looking storage bins, window valances, a mini Whole Foods for your kids to play in, and even musical instruments and sculptures. Basically, the more cardboard you have in your house the cooler you are. I bet you that in the next ten or so years people are going to start making houses of cardboard boxes. See if I’m right.

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