Why should you become proficient in math?

Math is usually considered as a difficult topic. There is this recurring question that always happens in a classroom and the question is as follow: ‘Why should I study this?” However, students need to understand how important math is and how it is going to help them in their future endeavors. Emmanuel Fleurantin, teacher, Miami, divulges here the importance of math in our lives.

Subjects like algebra and geometry may seem worthless to students; however, they are important pieces of a large puzzle that forms the students’ education. All taught lessons and all memorized formulas are going to be useful at some point in one’s life. A simple, yet great example of this is that every mathematical concept that develops on the foundation of the one before it introduces students to a process that prepares them for the college atmosphere. It’s even more important that collectively these concepts make the students become more proficient in rational thinking, problem solving and study habits.

Mathematical proofs are a great means of pushing a student’s brain properly like no other problem solving method can. The brain’s desire to solve puzzles is used by these proofs while teaching students complex ways of doing math. Using formulas like the quadratic formula and simple methods like the FOIL method used to expand polynomials can teach students to deal with problems in a methodical way. This problem-solving ability is useful for the student in everyday life.
Logic is the base of rational thoughts and it is in turn based on important concepts in math. Solving equations is directly connected to using language to find meaning. In short, our capability of communication and decision-making is polished with the use of math.

And the most important use of learning math is that students develop good study habits, like using homework as preventative study and not just for the sake of doing. The habit of memorizing formulas develop the habit of remembering which is useful when recalling many other important things in life such as phone numbers and names of people, without the need of reading again and again.