We’re in a world now in which consumers want to tell a story about who they are and what they stand for via the consumption choices they make. That means that the values of the businesses they engage with are more important to them than ever; they need those values to align with theirs, to form part of a positive story about who they are as people.
Travis Kalanick, Radical Transparency, and the Rise of Glass Box Brands.
David Mattin

I believe that business owners understand this but still shy from being vulnerable (if need be) and from taking the time to understand their values and how important it is to fully unearth them and give voice to them. For some businesses, it is a matter of keeping the doors open or not.

And, there is positiveness to all of our stories. For some it’s easy to see and for those who don’t see all the great lessons and learnings of their experience(s), it’s a matter of understanding how to find it and shape it.

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