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Monday’s Mindful Moment — On Invincibility

There is both strength and caution to be found whenever we overcome something that may seem insurmountable. It’s an amazing self-knowledge to hold when we’ve moved past something that firmly plants itself in our way.

It’s a win and it provides invaluable fuel to feeling better, dreaming on, or achieving a goal.

We feel invincible.

But it’s also imperative to keep the lessons of ‘the struggle’ in mind for that is where we gain strength to once more tackle it should we be confronted again.

Seventeen years ago I had conquered the debilitating disease of ulcerative colitis and moved on to a healthy, full life both personally and professionally. The pain and utter wreckage experienced with this disease were far from my mind until two weeks ago when my feeling of invincibility was gut checked — both figuratively and literally.

Focusing on rebranding, a fall trip to Peru and my dream to walk along the Incan trail didn’t let me see that my old foe was coming over the horizon. Just a speck at first but then more visibly so and, in full body armor, it attacked.

It’s amazing to feel invincible. It’s great to feel that you can conquer what’s in front of you no matter what it may be. But, we are also human and with that humanness comes vulnerability. While physical fragility may be present so, too, can be a courageous spirit and mental strength of fortitude and determination to take on whatever steps in front of us to block our way.

So for this week I think about invincibility. A good dose of it is pretty handy to have but it’s also wise to remember that your invincibility has a kind of rough edge to it. That’s it’s not as solid as we may think and to be more aware, better prepared for when it’s next put to the test.

This is my Mindful Moment for the week!

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Tassey is a former IT executive who has worked for the federal government, the Nasdaq Stock Market and as a consultant to non-profit associations. Today she is owner of Level Up Solutions and works with entrepreneurs and small business owners ready to take a hard look at where they are today and plan for future business development based on strong value propositions and strategic solutions. She strives to position her clients to attain foundational and sustainable growth, operational management and revenue.