Monday’s Mindful Moment — On Renewal

Jefferson National Forest, Virginia

To hear and see this magnificent falls, click here.

Basking in the warmth of the brilliant sun. Feeling a gentle breeze as it dances by. Looking into the immensity of an amazingly brilliant, clear sky.

Nature has an incredible ability to revive and restore mind, body and soul.

Quiet and reflective time spent walking or just sitting in nature allows us to remember what is most important and most fulfilling, from work done to knowledge shared to people helped. Dreams, ideas and intentions swirl around and begin to form.

Renewal ….

… of spirit … of desire … of commitment … of determination

… of self.


Taking time to experience it, fully, and letting it take hold.

This is my Mindful Moment for the week!

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Tassey is a former IT executive who has worked for the federal government, the Nasdaq Stock Market and as a consultant to non-profit associations. Today she is owner of Level Up Solutions and works with entrepreneurs and small business owners ready to take a hard look at where they are today and plan for future business development based on strong value propositions and strategic solutions. She strives to position her clients to attain foundational and sustainable growth, operational management and revenue.