So if you want to build a brand that people will love, there’s now only one way. Start with what is deep inside your business and work your way out. Create a business you’re happy for the world to see all the way through. One with great internal processes, driven by great values, put into practice by happy people. That takes real meticulousness.
Travis Kalanick, Radical Transparency, and the Rise of Glass Box Brands.
David Mattin

This is so very true, yet so difficult for many businesses to do — still. It’s not that it’s unknown to them, but it is, as you point out, demanding of hard work to delve into inner awareness (personally and organizationally) and outer mechanics (e.g. processes) and ethics (e.g. customer focus). Yes, meticulousness.

I am about a week short of launching my own rebrand and it is this process that I had to go through. Not easy, but greatly rewarding.

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