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Today it’s possible for us to author in ES6 and transpile our sources down to ES5 at build-time, regardless of whether we’re using Grunt, Gulp or Broccoli. With projects like Ember and Angular looking to ES6 as part of their roadmaps too (Ember App Kit already supports ES6 modules!), now is a great time to learn how ES6 can be used in practice.

In this guide, we’ll re-write the well known TodoMVC application (implemented with Backbone.js) using ECMAScript 6 language semantics. The implementation is made possible using Google’s Traceur compiler and ES6-Module-Loader.

If you haven’t come across these tools before, Traceur is a compiler that allows you to use features from the future today and the ES6 Module Loader dynamically loads ES6 modules in Node.js and current browsers. If you’re wondering whether Traceur is ready for production-level apps, Erik Arvidsson recently answered this on their mailing list. …

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Almost every day, we see new libraries, frameworks and tools being released in the JavaScript community — many of which simply reinvent the wheel.

This regular stream of solutions, which opt to create something new rather than improve an existing solution is what we at TodoMVC refer to as ‘Yet Another Framework Syndrome’ — or in more general terms NIH (Not Invented Here). Whilst innovation is something we should all welcome, YAFS can lead to confusion and frustration for users because there’s a big risk of it introducing more noise than value. Just one example is MVC.

Developers often just want to start writing an app but don’t want to manually evaluate 300 different options in order to select something maintainable. There’s currently however almost too much choice when it comes to what to use for structuring your JavaScript application. Part of this problem is fueled by how different JavaScript developers interpret how a scalable JavaScript application should be organized — everyone feels their way is the best. As a community we seem to prefer creating our own silos over improving existing solutions. …



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