Access to google machine learning algorithms

An Opportunity

Google gave access to their machine learning algorithms and I keep weighing out as to what competitive advantages people may still have in the market. When investors look for what is proprietary in the tech, they may miss on the focus of actually growing and executing on the business.

I think back to the internet and how people built applications on top of the internet. I wonder if people ever saw the rise of the internet and thought they had to do their own hosting or infrastructure before building their own biz on top of it. I wonder what that brief period looked like. For consumers AOL was our gateway to the internet. There was email and a little man that ran across the screen to get the world wide web. Everytime I see a big company make their IP accessible I think of the smaller companies that had that (similar) tech as their competitive edge and think about the impact on their business. If they are early and building then it is tough. If they are older and can adapt then it could help them.

Every time a big company gives open access to IP it should be a win for everyone. It is not a threat, it is an opportunity.