Why you should subscribe to The Broadsheet

The Dish on the World’s Most Powerful Women

I sign up for a few newsletters to stay up to date with finance, news, the economy, investments and other forms of signal and noise. Getting to all of these newsletters daily is not always the easiest given other priorities. However, I find myself making time to open The Broadsheet by Kristen Bellstrom.

It is exciting compelling news about women making strides in business. No rah rah. No glitter. Just awesome. In the environment we are in today, seeing how women are viewed or treated, it is so refreshing to see big news about leaders and builders that are doing great work — that happen to be women.

I find that women that work in fields that are dominated by men don’t feel the need to differentiate that they are a woman in their field. We are honestly too busy working on our business to care to make it a point. Mainly because it is obvious when you are one in a room full of men on a regular basis. The Broadsheet is a consistent reminder of big wins in business by women, just like you or the other impressive women in your life. Sign up today!