Fancy cooking for a stranger?

We find out why inviting strangers into your home to cook for, can be so rewarding!

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Tastetheplace interviews Roshni who created 8 Plates Supper Club in September 2016, a London based supper club which takes place once a month in her flat, to showcase the best of her Middle Eastern and Indian cooking.

Roshni, what made you start 8 Plates Supper Club?
I have always loved cooking, loved hosting, sharing food and creating recipes. I decided to volunteer at FoodCycle, where I catered a couple of large events and gained experience hosting which made me decide to start a supper club of my own.

How did it build momentum?
I started by getting my club seen on a few platforms and used Instagram to showcase my food. It was great when people really started liking my dishes and signing up to come to a night I was hosting.

What is your favourite part about inviting strangers into your home? 
Whenever I get a chance in between the courses, I love chatting and getting to know my guests. You get very sociable people and it is great meeting different people too.

Can anyone come to one of your supper clubs?
Yes! Most people book in pairs although I have had some 3s and 4s. I also really encourage anyone to come, especially people who want to come by themselves. It is a great way to meet new people and share the love of food.

Tempted to taste?
Follow Roshni on Facebook at @8Platessupperclub or on Instagram at roshpics_8plates.

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