How to post encrypted messages on Facebook.

I hope we always enjoy freedom of speech. I hope that our right to organize and propagate solidarity within our communities continues unimpeded. I hope that those organizing protests and subversion against hostile powers will always be able to freely post their thoughts and use social media to broadcast information necessary to continue the pursuit of collective advancement in our civilization.

Just in case my hope is misplaced. I’d like to let everyone know how you can broadcast information on Facebook but still keep it away from the prying eyes of the powers that be.


Cryptography is basically making the things you say unreadable. One way to encrypt messages like this sentence right here is to use a program called GPG.

Here’s what the last paragraph looks like encrypted.

Version: OpenPGP.js v2.3.5

To decrypt this message, you’ll need to get a copy of GPG here and run (depending on your OS)

cat ~/Desktop/secret.txt | gpg -o -

To decode an encrypted message, you can run

cat ~/Desktop/secret.txt | gpg -c

If these are a bit technical, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

🔎 Seekrit

In writing this article, I originally had much more detailed instructions on how to download and use GPG. Since it was a bit complicated and the existing online encryption tools looked a bit outdated. I made a new service today called “Seekrit” that makes it easy for you to encrypt and decrypt things on Facebook.

To encrypt a message. You’ll come up with a password that you’ve shared with people you trust. You’ll enter it in the “Password” field, then the message you’d like to encrypt.

You should see the encrypted message below. Make sure to include the entire text wherever you post your message.

To decrypt. Tap on “Decrypt”. Type in the password and paste in the text you’d like to decrypt. If you get an error, double check where you copied the text from and the password.

Please share this article so we can get more activists and protesters going off the grid. We must do everything in our power to subvert the imposition of regressive policy regarding inclusivity in race, national origin, gender identity, and religion. Our future depends on us protecting ourselves and our right to freely organize.