Tell Me Something About Yourself

The age old job interview question that’s supposed to make you think of something clever or creative to say about, well, yourself. I have never been a fan of it, and I know many others share the same sentiment. For me, it is because frankly I think it just makes you all the more lie and blow up your story that is quite a departure from what is true just to appear more worthy of the role you’re seeking.

So yeah, I wouldn’t be doing the same here. Hopefully.

I was born at the end of the 80s decade, making me one of those (awesome) 90s kids. I’m one of those who experienced, in the flesh, the early Pentiums, the tough as hell Nokia 3310, the first true portable gaming device Gameboy and everyone’s favorite pet Pikachu. I am an only child, born to a family of a teacher (my mom) and a stay-at-home entrepreneur (my dad).

We were never rich. We were actually part (I think) of the lower middle class in our home country the Philippines. I was raised simply, and despite my only child status, I was never spoiled. Except maybe for the fact that I love my Jollibee snack every freaking afternoon when I was about 5 or 6 years old.

I stammered quite a lot growing up, something which up to this day still happens especially when I’m anxious. Such condition led me to being nervous around big crowds, and maybe contributed to my lack of self esteem during my growing years. It also didn’t help that my front tooth was crooked and out of place.

I took up engineering in college, specialising in Electronics and Communications. I sucked. I had bad grades, and as of this moment I do not remember 90% of what was taught in school. My dream course (and my passion too) before entering college was actually business, but for some reason, I asked my friends and mentors back in high school what might be a good fit for my skills (LIE!) and at the same time paid good money (LIE!) upon graduation, and a bunch of them told me it’s engineering.

Not that i do not appreciate the field. I actually love it. I remember when I was a young kid, I used to operate on my toy robots, cars and old pieces of computer just to see what is inside them. Problem was, I almost always never knew, or just never bothered, to reassemble them. After I got my fix, I’m done and I’m off to tinkering something else.

I was an affiliate of our school’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) laboratory, and my undergrad project was on H264 wireless video transmission. Pretty neat actually, and I enjoyed the year-long study on correcting errors from transmitting video on a wireless medium. Too bad though that what we mostly did were simulations and not the real thing.

Nowadays, I work full-time as an IT consultant in one of the local IT companies here in the Philippines. The role for some reason sounds fancy to our neighbors and family friends, but actually what we just do is customize the expensive ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems of our clients to fit their business processes.

Alongside, I also run a small IT startup together with 3 other founders. Doing so makes me feel as though I have actually realized my childhood passion, and I love it. Although sometimes, oftentimes, when the going gets too tough, and I’m WAAAAAAY down in the dumps, I hate it. Our expertise is on mobile and web technologies, and bulk of our projects are consulting gigs with government and small companies, although right now we’re focusing more on SaaS projects that will earn us passive income (more on this maybe in the future).

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