#8 WINZIP not needed

Sending your #location, even if its approximate, can carry a lot of information.

For example, TS sends his location to the team. From this Tatap, we can get three pieces of information: first, we know he has arrived to the meeting place; second, we can

reconfirm the meeting location, and time; and third, we know there is no traffic getting to the meeting place.

Am I exaggerating? No, because we are acquaintances of TS and a lot of information has already been shared prior to TS sending his #location Tatap. We can use #context to infer the above three (traffic info may be a stretch, but we had a time reference that allowed us to know how long it took for TS to get to the location).

We got all of the above with just TWO TAPS. That’s a lot of information (and convenience)!

Whento #3
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