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Hello everyone, WELLMEE is the best project for invesment so you must join this project to get big reward, Happier people up to 20% are more productive at work. We present the unique Wellmee mobile application, which enhances the overall well-being of users through mentoring, attracting and entertaining. With the Wellmee application, people are more productive and creative, which brings more benefits to their employers. To reward their employees, there are Wellmee tokens that are linked to the application. This token will have a lot of value on the real world market. We all have human needs to feel valued. The Wellmee application allows companies to create a more harmonious environment that makes employees happy, encouraged, valued and valued. Barbora Cermakova was a former HR consultant at Korn Ferry Hay Group Having an application that uses unique data for each individual user to positively stimulate them, involve them or even give them the opportunity to be rewarded, is indeed revolutionary


Wellmee is special. On the one hand, it brings a mobile application that helps people live their lives better. On the other hand, it creates a unique ecosystem for entrepreneurs and employees.
Wellmee’s goal is simple — to improve the welfare of every user. Together with Wellmee tokens, it allows employers to reward employees who use the Wellmee application, because happier people also show better results at work.

A. The Wellmee application is purely personal — no social network

B. The way it works is supported by the findings of the main study on positive psychology

C. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning

D. Token Ecosystems are beneficial for employees, entrepreneurs and markets

Seeing the target for the Wellmee business model, in 2018 Fortune international five hundred firms used over twenty eight million folks. By increasing this focus to over a thousand bluechip firms, we are able to estimate that within the initial five years there may be contractile a hundred twenty five firms and there may be five million workers a part of the Wellmee business scheme.

Research shows that sad employees hurt the North American country alone between $ 450 and $ 550 billion in lost productivity once a year, which seven out of ten North American country employees don’t work to their full potential. And this can be a world downside. Even eighty seven of C-Suite executives acknowledge that workers WHO do not work square measure one in every of the most important threats to their business.

All four-hundredth of happiness is decided by our actions. Wellmee aims to hide eight key square measureas that are vital for everyone’s well-being, including: Positive emotions, active involvement, relationships and which means & purpose. Welfare enhancements are half-track within the app for normal analysis by employers — maintaining privacy is that the highest priority of the appliance. (Entrepreneurs can solely be able to extract knowledge that tracks usage). that’s why the link between every individual user and therefore the Wellmee application is made on trust.

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