Fascination and Challenge


Modern world is changing the face of society and our lives.

Now we use fast cars instead of horses, receive letters in a moment, we can fly in the sky and heal serious diseases. Man in the modern world is some kind of superhuman! Any person can broadcast his thoughts around the world just using the internet. We are smarter, because we have all possible information at our fingertips, we live longer and much more comfortable. Tiny devices help us to make calls, remind tasks, create routes and transfer money.

But all the benefits have their price.

Obesity and diabetes, homeless and refugees, private jets and cardboard box like a house — all these are the picture of modern reality.

Current opportunities offer us work at home, food delivery and cheap taxi services. People don’t have to cook and walk if they don’t want it. As a result, obesity is a problem even for children. Lack of time obliges people to eat greasy unhealthy food. Especially it affects people who live alone.

The age for getting married has shifted. Personality plays the primary role now.

People don’t want to be bound with someone, they want be independent and successful.

Education now is not only for young people, people are studying during their whole lives. It’s perfectly normal today to change your specialization and start from the beginning, even if you are not young already. People are not afraid to change their lives any more, people are not afraid to be alone.

It’s a significant change, especially for women.

Previous generations of women couldn’t imagine the possibility of dignified life without a man.

Women earned less than men and had many restrictions in career options. Hence they depended on man: father, husband, brothers, sons… It is a big step for humanity, but we have many questions still. Not every country can boasts equivalent ratio of the number of women and men in power.