Hi everyone,

Lately, some of you wanted to know more about the euro. So here is a quick summary of what your humble servant found out on how that stuff is working.

Please note that the following summary is vulgarized to make it as comprehensible as possible. It does contain inaccuracies and some gross simplifications.

EURO: a common currency for the ‘eurozone’? WRONG!

That’s the first point to debunk: IT IS NOT (AT ALL) ONE CURRENCY!

So what the hell it is then?

It’s a currency, yes. A fiat currency, meaning it’s debt-based (debt = money).

If you don’t understand this, look into Smith, Keynes, and Friedman’s works…

Dear all,

In light of the latest market developments, Tatch Capital Limited has no choice but to officially terminate as of today all BTS gateways as well as all other BTS related operations.

Bye bye Bitshares, Hello EOS. We anticipate this switch to save about 3000€ of yearly expenses.

Decommission will proceed as outlined below using Bitshares ‘Send’ fonction. We expect it will be fully completed by June 30th, 2020 at the latest:

For tatch.tokens:

  • all tatch.nlg can be withdrawn for NLG 1:1 without additional fees by all users. Send tokens to ‘tatch.dex1’ …

Intro — Bio

Dear reader, I am Cédric, 28, Belgian and currently living and working in Luxembourg as a contractor into the banking sector. I am fluent in English and French.

I’m also the founder of Tatch Capital Limited and hereby I am officially candidate to the position of Gulden Advisory Board Member !

More about me in my LinkedIn profil.

Links with the Gulden Community

I have been a Guldener since 2016, participating in multiple Community Meet-ups. I consider myself a very strong and early PoW2 consensus enthousiast.

I have run workshops about trading focusing on price action. Over the years I have done many trading analysis…

1. Quick summary

A few months ago we introduced ‘tclgulden’.

However, Gulden pairs on Bitshares platform did not prove to be reliable enough, forcing us to freeze this topic until we could come up with a gulden bridge/gateway of our own. The aim is to make it 60% cheaper than market benchmark at 0,10% fee per transaction.

You will find an overview of our gateways by reading this article.

Now that they have been tested and backed-up to our satisfaction, we can resume our tclgulden introduction without depending on a 3rd party.

If you have been following us for some time or if…

Firstly — and since it’s still January!- let us with a happy and successful New Year to you.
You are no doubt aware, the past few weeks have been hectic but we believe it was worth it as we can now proudly announce

Tatch BTC and NLG gateways on Bitshares decentralised exchange

After experimenting with various partnerships, we took the strategic decision to build up our own gateway. Today, we are in a position to offer you Bitcoin [BTC] and Gulden [NLG]. Listed below are the pairs we want to highlight:

Quick ‘How To’ user guide:

In order to start using our gateways, you first need to create…

Following our round-up of the FAANG 2 days ago, here are two pharma stocks that I’m targeting: TEV and INSY.

First, like most stocks, big pharma definitely enjoyed the QE money printing as well as sick people as consequences of 2008 crisis:

As you can see we have nice Bump and Run figure (BARF); aka a larger timeframe ‘pump and dump’ (pink lines). Seems like we are at harvesting season on this one…

We had a major ‘signal’; “flash-crash” from the all time high (ATH) (Orange circle). …

Yes I hesitated with “Shit’s about to hit the faang” 🤪 for title…

Looks to me that FAANG stocks have ‘sync’ and that a serious correction is underway, actually it might already be ongoing. Let’s have a look to them one by one:

Facebook [FB]

Price already made an early signal (orange circle) before going for a shorts squeeze. That big bear candle (pink circle) with a nice pin on the top is definitely significant…

Amazon [AMZN]


Gulden 2.0 release was the big update that the community was waiting for. All in all it went very smoothly. is quite stable and fixed many (minor) bugs. Many expected a big bump in pricing but yet NLG valuation kept on following a months long script.

Price Action


Now that volume and market cap are low, levels are also harder to count and price is less reliable.

Still we are now at interesting levels. Here is a chart from July 31st:

At the green arrow, price made a rejection. At the time it made sense to assume it was the end…

Pow2 protocol released for Gulden 2.0

On 28 June, Gulden released Gulden 2.0, a major upgrade with significant implications. Find more info regarding the update at:


Phase 2 of the update started on July 12, 2018 and will be activated in the coming days thereby allowing people to start ‘witnessing’.

This means you’ll be able to earn “interests”, 20% of the mining reward that you ‘witness’ by staking NLG.

1. Implications and benefits

I encourage you to read the Pow2 White Paper in depth, as it has profound implications for the blockchain consensus. …

Hello guys,

We already announced it a while back the listing of NLG on Bitshares DEX is fully effective through Crypto-Bridge, cfr: Tatch Capital + Crypto-Bridge = Gulden with ❤

Unfortunately it wasn’t possible at the time to make deposit/withdraw of NLG through our Tatch Cloud Wallet… well, those days are over 🎉🥂

Wallet has been upgraded with latest Bitshares-ui features including but not limited to:

TradingView with full-screen option

TradingView is probably the best online charting platform, easy drawing tools, indicators, fibo levels, etc. We now have it embedded into the wallet and in full-screen

New send function

Tatch Capital

Proprietary Trading Firm on Blockchain https://tatchcapital.com

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