Here is a small tutorial regarding bridge.NLG, in this example you already have NLG and want to buy TCN or any DEX assets with it.

If you don’t have Gulden yet, you can buy some at GuldenTrader, Nocks or Bittrex for instance.

Step 0: trade your NLG for bridge.NLG

At this time it’s not possible to do this operation from Tatch Cloud Wallet directly because Crypto-Bridge is not merged with BTS upstream; it should be fixed in a month or so.

Make a new account on wallet.crypto-bridge.org (you can use your normal Tatch account BUT IT’S ILL-ADVISED) and use the deposit tab, select Gulden and follow instructions:

Send your NLG from Gulden wallet to the indicated address.

Step 1: send your bridge.NLG to your Tatch Cloud Wallet account

Pretty much self-explanatory:

Step 2: Connect normally to Tatch Cloud Wallet

Under your Dashboard/Portfolio tab you’ll see your bridge.NLG.

They are now tradable easy from within the Dashboard:

and the exchange:

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[TCN]: Tatch Convertible Note (aka TatchCoin)



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