Nanome 1.11 — The Power of Macros

Tate Chan
Tate Chan
Jul 11 · 3 min read

This week we’re introducing macros. For those who don’t know (and never struggled through hundreds of Excel spreadsheets), macros are custom shortcuts you’ll be able to program yourself to speed up your work.


To access macros, you’ll simply open up the new Macro submenu on your wrist or under the Entry Menu. We’ve set up some preset Macros already as seen here. These macros help focus the protein structure on the ligand.

Building your own Macros

To customize and/or create your own, open up your Nanome download files in Windows as shown below. You’ll find them in your Oculus, Steam or Vive folder.

Click the folder named ‘Build’, then ‘Build Assets’, then ‘Macros’ to open up the folder seen below.

Each of these LUA files will appear in your Macro menu as a separate Macro.

Hello world!

A macro can be just a few lines of code

You can add a small description to the macro here (This is optional)
function main ()
Command_Notification("Hello world, my first macro!");
return "SUCCESS";

The programming language used here is Lua.


Available Commands

A macro has access to all of Nanome’s capabilities through custom functions:


Sharing Macros

Macros can be shared simply by copy/pasting the “.lua” file on different machines.

You can store the macros in one of the following supported folders (configurable in the config-file):


Optionally, a macro can be hosted through an HTTP server (configurable in the config-file)

Context Menu — Another Upgrade to Quick Select

A couple of months ago, we introduced Quick Select on the Wrist Menu, allowing you to load any of the submenus from your wrist.

We’ve designed an even faster alternative we’re dubbing the Context Menu. Now holding ‘Y’ on your left Touch controller or ‘4’ on the Rift’s left thumbstick will open a dropdown menu listing all the menus and modifications. Tapping the button will open and close the Context Menu up, and holding the button will allow you to move the Context Menu.

We’re excited to see what macros you come up with! Feel free to share them with us at or at Also feel free to reach out to us if you’re struggling to make any.