Dear shoe lovers , did you know this?

Knowing what I started blogging about, my friend approached me with a confusion of helping him out with the shoes he should buy, I simply told him ‘the good year welt’ ones. He looked all the more confused, just way you guys are, you all must be expecting shoe kind? Easy, boots, loafers, oxfords etc. but to my knowledge shoes are shoes by the way they are constructed. It’s the foundation that lasts them that long. I mean we all buy shoes by seeing its motif, pattern, style but the most important factor the price. Ever wondered what’s the difference between a $100 shoes and a $500 shoes? You must be thinking at times these shoes are particularly similar then why so much difference in the pricing? And usually we opt for the cheap ones to smart out from the con of high pricing but the cheap priced shoe is usually the con played on you. Here’s why, but for that, it’s important to understand the construction of shoes[not so technical] and why it’s an important factor while buying shoes.

What does a construction mean in a shoe?

shoe anatomy

It’s basically the method of holding in the parts of shoes together. It’s the technique to which the sole is attached to the shoe and other parts. There are various technique to perform this i.e

The good year welt

The process of Good year welt at ‘The TaTed

Good year welt is one of the best investment that can be made while buying a shoe because the beauty of a good year welt is its hand stitch technique this helps the shoes to last long and strong. It is one of the oldest but standard forms of shoe stitching technique worldwide. All the premium brands use the good year welt while constructing their shoes. Good year welted costs little expensive has they are hand-crafted by skilled laborers. The shoes which are welted last for a really long time. The good year welt construction is used mostly in English made shoes.

The Blake construction:

The Blake stitch is a less common stitch used for constructing a shoe. Shoes that are made without a welt are Blake constructed shoe. Blake stitched shoes can be resoled but requires a special machine for it. Blake stitched shoes are less likely to be chosen because of the stitching, done at the sole is thinner which makes people wearing these shoes to sweat during the summers and is less water resistant that makes the water seep in the shoes during the rains thus resulting wet feet The Blake constructed shoes don’t last long and are considered cheap in comparison of a good year welt constructed shoes.

Cement construction:

It is the cheapest method of constructing shoes. And also one the quickest method to make a shoe. But it has its own drawbacks like shoes made from the cement construction don’t last long, it prevents resoling and these shoes cannot be repaired therefore it needs to be replaced once damaged.

Why the good year welted shoes?

So now it’s easy to understand that why your shoe doesn’t last long, it’s not because of the use, it’s the foundation of the shoe that wasn’t strong enough to withstand it. Most of the shoes which are inexpensive don’t last long or are uncomfortable because they use either Cement construction or Blake construction, whereas premium good quality shoes use good year welt construction which cost a little more but the durability is worth all the money and the comfort is pleasant. Imagine you being offered a seat either in a first class or an economy class, which one would you choose?

The good year welt being constructed
The premium shoes offered at ‘The TaTed’ are specially handcrafted by skilled craftsmen with the use of best quality leather and genuine material for the sole and inner and outer layer of the shoes. It is not cheap, nor expensive, just the right price with the best fit. These shoes will make your clothes look classy and your personality powerful. They offer you the best comfort unasked for. What more can you ask for? A Luxury space where you design, we craft and ship.
The final packaging of the finished shoes at ‘The TaTed’