Etherbots Battle Guide

Etherbots stands head and shoulders above the majority of blockchain games. The basic concept is nothing new. CryptoKitties, CryptoCelebrities, and countless other copies have already gotten us accustomed to decentralized collectables. However, the Etherbots team have spent countless hours developing and polishing a creative and engaging gameplay that takes full advantage of the unique properties a game built on a blockchain offers.

Despite having only prelaunch crates, a few articles, and a Github, Etherbots has gained an incredible amount of hype and investments. Crates have almost completely sold out, and currently, EB sits comfortably in the top 3 largest volumes on the network (sorry kitties).

The momentum that the project has gained is thanks to a fantastic team of developers, an engaged and growing community and a gameplay that was so interesting I decided to try and map it out using an infographic:

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At the time of writing this article there are still a number of pre launch crates left. You can buy them here:

You can head to their Github and check out the code here:

my fave discord:

Etherbots Discord: