Ego: The Safe Haven

University is a time that young people have the opportunity to spread their wings and fly. In order to do so, you must be willing to expose yourself to the wind. Coming into a new environment is always hard especially doing it on your own. A surge of emotions rush at young people all at once during this process sometimes feeling alone in a sea of strangers leaving first year students feeling vulnerable.

In my first week at Coventry; as part of a scavenger hunt my peers and I stumbled upon an establishment tucked away that helped people in the community who are considered as vulnerable in society. Ego a production company and café has a hosted a plethora of theatrical based activates for young people with disabilities in the surrounding area.

I sat down with one of the co-founders of Ego, Jean and interviewed her on running the business, being vulnerable herself and the future as well as Ego`s newest production.

The production company allows vulnerable people in the community like children with learning disabilities an environment in which they can be creative, progressive and build some confidence too. Ego facilitates this by allowing children to create their own plays from scratch and Jean and her business partner Georgia write the script for them based on the ideas produced in the workshops. The Last Sucker is a Halloween inspired play with its opening night no the 20th October and runs for two nights at 8pm, tickets are available on their website for £8.

One of the first question I asked her was “when was the last time you felt vulnerable”? She replied saying “last week, someone in our team had put the future of Ego in jeopardy, due to their actions. But it’s a personal matter I`d rather not get into.” I also asked her about the day to day maintenance of Ego and how finances have an effect on that. She said that “money is always a worry because this place is safe space for the vulnerable and there is no exclusivity so making them pay wouldn’t be right. So we are open to donations”. During my interview with Jean it was evident that she was devoted to the production company even telling me thee amount of time and energy she puts in. all in order to create a safe haven for those in need.