Tate Printer
2 min readMay 2, 2023


Introducing, Tate Printer

Tate Printer note — 100 share

The Tate Printer is a revolutionary new crypto memecoin project that is themed around the popular entrepreneur and businessman Andrew Tate. The project is based on the idea of a printer that prints $TATE tokens as dividends to holders of the Tate Printer. The concept is designed to provide a unique and engaging experience for the community, while also generating significant value for investors.

The Inspiration
Andrew Tate is a well-known figure in the world of business and entrepreneurship. He has built a successful career in various industries and has become a popular social media personality, with a large following on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. In a recent video, Andrew Tate spoke about his desire to open his own bank, which inspired the creation of the Tate Printer. We also took inspiration from “printthepepe”, thankyou.

The Concept
The Tate Printer is a unique crypto memecoin project that provides investors with a new way to generate income. The project is based on a printer that prints $TATE tokens as dividends to holders of the Tate Printer. The tokens are designed to provide a steady stream of income for investors, while also providing a unique and engaging experience for the community.

How it Works
The Tate Printer operates on a simple principle. Investors purchase a Tate Printers and hold them in their wallets. The printer then begins printing $TATE tokens at regular intervals, which are distributed to the wallets of investors through a claim button on our website (tateprinter.com).

Factors affecting $TATE pay-out
The $TP contract has a designated wallet address titled ”Distributor” that accumulates $TATE tokens through taxes on buying and selling of $TP. These tokens are automatically distributed based on a few parameters. Every time an individual holder transacts with $TP, whether by buying, selling, or transferring any amount, the TATE tokens are distributed proportionally based on the amount of $TP held. There is a 9% tax on each buy and sell transaction on $TP. Of the 9%:
- 4.5% in $TP
- 4.5% for marketing and development

Main site: tateprinter.com
App (claim dividend page): tateprinter.app
Telegram: t.me/TatePrinter
Twitter: twitter.com/TatePrinter