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Your product team wants to be more user-centered. You hired your first UX researcher (or you’re looking for one now!), and you’re excited to work with them. Or, you may have a UX research team in your organization, but you’ve never worked with them. Either way, research is new territory. You don’t know what problems UX research can help you solve nor how to work with research.

In this post, I will explain what UX research does for organizations and how to best partner with researchers. I wrote this for people in design, product, engineering, and business development roles who…

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As a UX researcher, it’s essential to speak with participants who live outside of my geographic area; however, in person research isn’t always possible due to budget, time, and logistical constraints. For this reason, I often conduct remote research, where my participants and I are in different locations. Across different projects, I’ve found handy ways to use the collaborative abilities in Google Docs as a cost effective tool in remote research. In this post, I describe how I’ve used Google Docs to conduct remote research through diary studies, retrospective experience maps, and sacrificial concept tests.

Diary studies

During research beta…

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At the time I wrote this post, I was on the User Experience (UX) Research Team at Udemy (a global online teaching and learning marketplace), and prior to that, I was a UX researcher at Facebook. I love the field of UX research, and I frequently receive questions about how I got into UX research and what one can do to prepare for a UX research career. Here I share a high-level overview of my journey to becoming a UX researcher and things I’ve learned along the way to prepare for this career. …

Tatiana Vlahovic

Staff Product Researcher and Research Manager @ Credit Karma

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