How to motivate a tech professional to accept your offer? 7 effective ways


Tech specialists are interested in tech companies with a modern technology stack and exciting tasks. The company’s brand is secondary. Although if you are a well-known company, feel free to attract candidates by name. Those specialists for whom stability is essential will be glad to work for large market “players”.

If you are a startup, be unique. Your project must have its own kill feature, good team and adequate conditions.

More than 100 million startups are launched annually around the world. It’s difficult for them to compete with large IT companies, launching their own startups. If you want to recruit a tech specialist for a startup, be transparent and open. And don’t draw up a big test assignment: specialists are loath to do tasks for more than four hours.


Most tech professionals are interested in difficult tasks. Tech specialists are among the first to implement industry innovations in practice. Therefore, it is ideal if they can make something from scratch, with no legacy code.

Moreover, that’s great if the work involves a high area of responsibility. Developers can improve their skills, influence the company’s architecture decisions, test new technologies.


Tech professionals like to be part of a strong and close-knit team. Few people are tempted to work alone. At the same time, it would be better if your team is small and has a key figure — Team leader.

If you have a cool Team lead er — say about it during an interview. Working with a competent and experienced mentor motivates specialists to get hired at your company.


The chances that the tech specialist will accept your offer are much higher if your company employees speak English and there are several offices in different cities. Tech people are ready to get a job with the possibility of moving to another city or country.

Particularly attractive are companies with offices in Europe and the USA. Located in these regions, companies often have attractive conditions:

  • a modern technology stack
  • stable salary in foreign currency
  • the possibility of relocation (provided that you’ve found a specialist from another country).

Remote work

An alternative for those companies that can’t offer relocation to a technologically developed region is a remote work format. For a tech professional, the opportunity to earn money from anywhere in the world is a powerful argument in your favour.

Alternative: If you can’t offer remote work, create comfortable office conditions. It can be a modern office or coworking, convenient location, interesting corporate culture.

Flexible schedule

Remote work involves working flexible hours. The ability to distribute working hours and work on tasks at their own pace — all this can be a decisive motivation to accept your job offer.

Company benefits, private medical insurance

Developers like not only to work comfortably but also to receive standard bonuses of the industry for a comfortable life. Try to provide them with important elements of the life of a modern specialist: at least, a social package and voluntary health insurance. Some tech companies offer corporate devices, access to expensive tech resources, a game zone or a swimming pool on the territory.


  • Get feedback from every candidate, refused to accept your offer. Consequently, you’ll understand what challenges you face while selecting tech professionals.
  • Explore the market. The offered salary shouldn’t be lower than average.
  • Contact IT recruiting companies. Professional IT recruiters will help you find the right specialists 2–3 times faster and cheaper than in-house HR specialists.




Lucky ones in the recruiting world, we recruit any staff for IT companies. In style. Our website:

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Lucky Hunter

Lucky Hunter

Lucky ones in the recruiting world, we recruit any staff for IT companies. In style. Our website:

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