Because you deserve better…

The tabloids do an excellent job of catching the rich and famous on their best sides and the worse. Over the past two weeks of some of the messiest details of love losses, wins, and revenge in social media, has everyone giving an opinion, it’s caused some self reflection of my own. Reading the details spilled, made me wonder if anyone is honest enough to admit that we all have at least one person from our past that makes us ponder — “What was I going through at the time? “Where were my family and friends? “Why didn’t you all come and get me?” In order to grow, and reconcile ways to not repeat the bad relationship pattern — it’s imperative to figure out what vulnerable place that you think you’ve concealed is actually exposed and exploitable.
Say this with me, it’s over now! I’m better because I learned how resilient I really am! In order to change the cycle you have to be willing to have the courage to forgive and release everyone and everything that has created a broken place and space in your life. If you operate in brokenness your vision is not clear, your decision making is not objective, and your attitude becomes tanted. It is a cycle of — based on my past experiences, “I simply can not, give my best self.” The fact is, You can heal, you can be whole, and you deserve to be — we all do.
The truth is, if you don’t make an attempt to repair what’s broken, it becomes a daily habit of disfunction. Unfortunately, you become consumed, constantly thinking about what happened, who is responsible, and why did it happen in the first place. Slowly the brokenness takes a toll on the other things that require you being alert in your life.
Please take it from someone who has also overcome overwhelming disappointment, just like you, there is hope!
We still have a chance every time we open our eyes. We have the ability to decide to press forward and work on recognizing the deficiency. We can stop filling up our lives with the things and people that do not have the best intentions for us.
Let’s press the “reset” button, make the conscious decision to work on what’s broken. We have to stop pushing it under the radar of our busy lives. Whether you are a parent like me or not, there are people that count on you to be your best. We have to thrive — because there are still challenges ahead that require our focus, and we have to prepare and be equipped to handle them.
Strike a new attitude to thrive — you just may inspire someone else. If it gains momentum, people around you encounter a more energetic, optimistic you; that’s attractive! New energy new prospects!
In the end that’s all we all want — happy and if we try we can make it happen.