Sometimes I wish I could talk 1-on-1 with the Universe. Sometimes it makes no sense. People do things for me, people I have never met and how can that be ? How are there human beings that are that kind and sweet? How is it that the universe always cares this much and guides me?

I see people’s eyes and if you don’t show me your eyes that is when my heart can’t feel you. It is a deeper connection. Eyes are without a doubt the gateway to people’s soul. Trust me when I say a veteran, a homeles have more beautiful meaninful eyes than a milionaire, a ceo or a famous model. Why is it that people without money or success in business sometimes have the best personal lifes? When you observe you realize the simpler you are and the most impeccable you are everything arranges itself for own benefit.

I couldn’t be more grateful, I have almost given up so many times in so many things. I always receive messages and guidance from people though. It never been more clearer to me that we are taken care of as long as you believe it and accept it. Let yourself see the signs, try not be skeptical for one day. When you let your guard down even nature will make sense in its connectivity to you.

The lessons are hard to endure, fears even if created by you feel real and I know it is not easy. I am not a perfect human, actually I have more emotional scars than most, but by being flawded that I know we need inspiration, we need to believe and we cannot stop dreaming. I am the one that always hears you are not seeing reality, you fantasize too much and you are too nice( you like everyone ). I will keep chosing to be this way, I haven’t left home at 16 thinking the world was a dangerous place, ofcourse it is sometimes but I believe there is more good than bad and if you look for people like that they show up like the air that you breath, from every corner and everyday. However, you have to make the choice to see it, do not be blinded by your own negative thought. We make this world a safer place starting by trusting you will be taken cared no matter what. I know being a dreamer in the world today isn’t practical but what other choice do we have I know feeling bad for myself wont bring me anywhere.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.John Lennon