Big Data vs. Small Data

How much data do you need to claim your service as “big data”? In the world of API domination you are always tempted to add yet another integration, and grab some more data to add to the mix. Of course, if it’s all processed automatically it never hurts. There is always this feeling — if we add this new batch of data the quality of our decisions will improve by 0.0001%.

There is never too much data.

Yet, there is something counterintuitive in what I have in mind for SCOOP — we’re not looking to aggregate or collect all the data in the world. We’re only looking to provide as much data as can be consumed in under one minute, and as much as would be sufficient to generate a go-no go decision on a startup.

You can have all the time in the world to explore the startups you want to take on board, and SCOOP provides you with a good starting point — links to most common databases, social media, news outlets etc.

There is a global trend towards AI and big-data driven automated decision making, VC’s are increasingly making “quantified” decisions, but I still believe that human intuition is not something that will so easily give us. To a certain extent I am feeling left out when the machine makes all the decisions for me, and I want to have this feeling that I’m controlling my own decisions.

One more challenge for this is creating the proper layout for all this data to be presented that would make it comfortable to view and convenient to make decisions.

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