Customer Development Exchange

As Ecamb we do a lot of early stage customer development for our clients from different countries. Of course, not all startups need that much customer development done, and not all of them would be looking for such diverse customers, but ALL startups struggle with finding potential customers for problem interviews.

There are a number of platform startups out there that help you do startup-related stuff — there’s FounderSuite, there’s Startup^2 and many more. But they all primarily focus on helping you structure your stuff.

What I need desperately is a platform, a marketplace if you will, where I as a founder and a potential user of a lot of startups would be able to provide customer insights to other founders, and they, in exchange would do problem interviews with me for the ideas/projects I have.

It can be an exchange — I do one interview with a startup, and get 1 credit which is good for one problem interview I can do with someone. You can also add premium services-if someone can’t wait to accumulate enough credits he/she can buy some for cash.

And there are all sort of features that can be built on top of it — meetups, lunch meetings, follow up interviews, the list goes on. Imagine for problem interviews.

Now, I’m busy with ecamb and SCOOP full time, and one thig I’ve learnt in the past is “ruthless prioritization”, so I can’t do another one.

Someone, please-please-please, build it!