Tell it or hide it?

So I’ve had a really interesting meeting about SCOOP today. With some very interesting insights and potenntially a new direction for the project. Really exciting.

That’s one great thing about early stage projects — you have so little accomplished that you can easily venture in a totally different direction without sacrificing too much of your past work. That’s not entirely the case for us right now, but it’s still true.

The dilemma I am facing right now is: I should start describing this new idea in detail right away, or first work on it a bit? In Founder Institute and in the startup land in general sharing ideas is considered a good thing to do. I would always recommend that to founders asking me for advice. Expecting someone to steal “your stupid idea” is actually pretty stupid. However, not all ideas are worth sharing.

I am right now at a stage when I have an assumption I need to test, and I understand how that should be done. Once I figure out whether the assumption is correct I should be able to formulate that into a properly sharable idea.

Sharing assumptions is probably as stupid as hiding your ideas. Ideas are a dime a dozen, and untested assuptions are even worse than that. Testing assuptions is where real creativity comes into play, so I am about to have some exciting sleepless nights building a little add-on for SCOOP which will potentially change the direction of the product.

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