Why the posts… The story of SCOOP: all the startup data you need to make an investment decision in 1 minute.

I’ve been recently posting a lot about SCOOP and startup research in general, so I thought I’d give some background information on it.

Originally I built SCOOP as a sideproject in my spare time just to make my everyday life a bit easier — searching CrunchBase and AngelList in one tiny convenient tab. And since I quite often need founder’s’ contact emails I’ve also plugged in a simple script to search for those. That’s what it does right now — not more, but not less.

As I was talking to my friends and colleagues I realized it was not just me who needed this for convenience, so I’ve decided to make the whole thing public. I’ve always wanted to get some first-hand experience working with BetaList, so I’ve set up a simple landing page and submitted it. Have to admit that the experience is very negative so far — submitted it well over a month ago, and it still hasn’t been published.

After spending more time hacking SCOOP and talking to more people about it the vision has grown, and now I want to make it a full-scale startup, but not yet sure how.

The purpose of this blog is to get those thoughts out there into the world, and also help me structure my thinking and share my vision of the project with the community on this early stage.

The vision for SCOOP is: all the startup data you need to make an investment decision in less than 1 minute.

My personal goal is to write at least one post every business day (never done that before). I’ll be following both the product development process (what data is sufficient, where do we get it, how do we display it, how do we make it fun to use) with all the theory research (how do people make snap decisions, how do we make small data out of big data) I need for it, and the technology and business (how do we make money on this, is the market big enough, who will finance it) side too.

If you’re into it, and want to chat more — feel free to drop me an email, and we can do Skype/hangout or meet for coffee here in the Bay Area.