Boy Band Phenomena

It is quite apparent that most females of a generation fan girls over a boy band in her teenage years. It is an interesting phenomena of how the effects of young, talented and good looking young males of their similar age seem to ignite pure bliss in the lives of these young girls. The earliest predecessors of the format were groups such as The Jackson 5 in the 1960s to the late 1980s and early 1990s gave rise to boy bands such as New kids On The Block and The Back Street Boys respectively. Then in 2010, five middle class boys on a popular UK singing competition formed One Direction. It is a known fact that despite the presence of other notable boy bands in the 2000s such as The Wanted and JLS, One Direction caused the biggest hysteria in the last 5 years.

There is something special every girl finds unique in a boy band. If you question a girl as to what she finds so fascinating about a particular boy band of her era, the answer is more or less the same. The music inspire them and lyrics convey a personal message about romance to each individual. Furthermore the influence of peers has converted non listeners of boy band music to be apart of the sub culture. There again an excitement lies in being apart of a fandom , mainly due to the possibility of a stranger becoming a friend through one common interest which is the mutual love for a boy band.

Speaking in the 2000s era of boy bands, the intensity for adoration grew largely through the internet and social networking sites, where people can connect easier to share their passion. Unlike in the pre-internet era where fans gathered together in convection's and concerts.The internet has also provided a two way communication between fan and idol. Members in the group are able to be more interactive with their audience. Thus, girls feel like they know members of the group now beyond the music. This has created a new feel of relationship between member and fan. Management teams have also taken maximum advantage to merchandise the brand of the boy band to consumers, majority of them being girls, by producing feminine preferences such s perfume, cosmetics and fashion to earn a buck. Then again girls express that they fill a sense of esteem when they own a product with a label of their favorite boy group.

Boy bands don’t last long, a member of the group splits up and the feel of a missing member leads to a void among the community of admires. The boys grow up and so do their loving girls. However, as long as there are boy bands there will always be girls supporting them. It was pleasant when I spoken to a girl who is now an married woman still getting dreamy eyed and giddy when asked about her favorite boy band. No matter how old, there will always be a special place in a lady’s heart for her childhood boy band.