I will not wait any longer

Today I read Dan’s Waldschmidt post called Make It Work. His blog is a place I visit almost every day to gather knowledge and inspiration from him.

He tells us that we will never be as much prepared as we want to do things that we need or want to do.

There won’t be a time where you won’t think you’re unprepared. You have to make it work. — Dan Waldschmidt

There are many fears that have been stopping me from starting a blog and a book for someone very important to me in the future.

  • Knowledge. I am about to start my 2016 Study — Study You Have Never Had in January. I will write about that in another post. I will be writing about my thoughts on daily posts by some of the authors I like the most and Dan is one of the professors staff and he even does not know about that.
  • Language. I was afraid that I will not be able to write according to English grammar rules but I will try to do my best and not be afraid of making mistakes. Good people will show me how to write something better and show me my mistakes.
  • Technology. There are many great looking blogs, web pages, etc. For sure beautiful templates attract many readers but if I wait until I found the perfect site and template I probably would not write a word. That’s why I decided to use Medium.com.
  • Perfectionism. I hate this the most.

After reading Dan’s article, I decided to start and take the fist step.

Every day. Step by step by step. — Dan Waldschmidt

Feel free to contact me with words of support.