Jill Stein Now or Never, My Liberal Friends

I’m a life-long Progressive Democrat, who is thinking of voting for Jill Stein on my best days, and for Donald Trump on my worst. Let me explain. A good friend of mine keeps insisting, like many do, that Trump must be stopped, even if Hillary isn’t “perfect”. He also insists that voting for the Green Party’s Jill Stein is “throwing away” my vote, even if she received 5% of the vote and thus $10 million in public funds for the 2020 election. (They raised roughly a million this time, while Hillary’s war chest could be $1 billion with a “b” by the end.)

I basically believe at this point, as liberals, progressives, and Democrats, that would should not only vote for Jill Stein, we should accept Trump as President and use it as an opportunity to reach out to the alt-right, well-meaning Republicans, and other disaffected citizens in an effort to coalesce against a tyrannical two-party system. The Greens may not be Goldilocks, but it’s what we got, a 25-year-old party with 200 elected officials under their belt.

I doubt the sincerity of those who say “Please vote for Hillary, we’ll build a grassroots movement in 2020.” What movement? The Sanders campaign wasn’t a movement, just consciousness raising. Where’s the money to do so? Where’s our campaign headquarters? Where’s our software databases to track and canvass voters that takes a decade to develop What’s the platform? Links, please? This will all happen by the 2018–2019 election cycle of 2020? I’m not even lol. No the Green Party is the car we all get into, funky old Prius that it is. If you don’t like it, you can drive, or fix it up with a V8 engine, just don’t tell me there’s another car coming.

We absolutely need to be subjected to the horrific spectacle of Donald Trump, perhaps not you or me, but the American public and the world, to more fully experience to nadir of our self-made economic nightmares and invented political fantasies. We have to hit rock bottom as a species in order to band together against climate change, because we refuse to embrace socialism. As a relatively young nation, we still cling to racism and classism, while the old world progressed in ideology. Socialism, as defined by Bernie Sanders, didn’t have a chance because of our seemingly infinite American rapacity for developing individuality that conflicts against collectivism. Donald Trumpism is a useful temporary corrective to the ultimately idiotic perverted intellectualism of our time. The likes of Hillary Clinton, who wrote her thesis on Saul Alinsky of all people, have failed to protect the planet, having instead been captured by illusions of human greatness over nature. She is a TED talk gone 30 years too long with nothing to show for it.

We have to realize that economic theories, all of them, are in conflict with our one ecology, and no one more purely exemplifies that politically than a climate change denier himself on the precipice of the White House. If you cannot present science as truth and economics as fraud successfully to every person in America, we are in the weeds. We have to prove that Donald Trump is wrong in a trial of his Presidency, because Hillary and Bill are too clever to ever be proven guilty. They are just too powerful, and their enormous profit as mere public servants should be indictment enough, yet we hold them to be saviors. How ridiculous that is. Meanwhile, I enjoy Trump’s thumbing his nose to his oligarch friends. The rich should always forced to take each other down for the peasants’ entertainment.

Let us allow Trump to occupy the White House, and then take him and all his stupid ideas out in four years, while we build a new party, presumably the 25-year-old Green Party with a history of 200 elected officials. The unintended consequence of allowing Hillary in the White House, is that we get another Republican, or another Democrat not for eight years, but for infinity. We get more destruction, more of the same, and not just our deaths in our lifetimes, but the crowning joke of “Doomsday! It happened on our watch, bottoms up!” Perhaps we’ll all have Snapchat doomsday crown filters on that day?

Coming full circle, should you accept a half-lie or half-truth as true, then you get a Hillary Clinton who can never deal in honesty, never mind the truth, and thus impedes progress indefinitely. The fact that she views natural gas as a transition energy source proves she does not get it, and you will never convince Hillary and her millionaire or billionaire friends otherwise. If you accept that Donald Trump is complete falsity, I know you do, and stop dreaming, stop hoping that half the American public mostly doesn’t believe in climate change, because we know half of them do believe what he says, then you are finally, thank god, dealing with reality. We must start from the bottom, as you often say. Let us not ever utter the words fly-over country again, in disparagement of half the population. Until you can convince a majority that Donald Trump is anti-science, and convince yourself that Hillary Clinton is actively working against science, despite what she says, we are all doomed.

So we are in the political wilderness. Ultimately, hopefully, The Green Party, despite all its flaws, will have a role in our political history in future tense, and will have served an obsolete function, because we don’t need at present one political party advocating to save the planet, we need all of them to. The bottom line, as people say, shouldn’t be about SCOTUS, which I would gently tried to inveigh upon you the uselessness against a TPP, or a TISA which will hollow out our incomes as service professionals, meantime increasing biosphere destruction, but it should be and has to be saving the environment.

The overwhelming obvious choice in 2016 is science, it is the environment, is it saying absolutely zero money from corporate interests destroying our resources. The Green Party is only party to do so. It is a rejection of half-measures in the face of exponentially growing cancer consuming the thin veneer of our planet we call home. How can we possibly vote for Armageddon when Doomsday bays at the door? Let the middle of America vent, let us talk altogether, and let us all unite to save our one home. Vote for Jill Stein, or vote for death.