My Endorsement of Jill Stein for President

Because Tatsu Ikeda Rejects Little Hitlers

Jill Stein

Watching Julian Assange’s PBS interview on August 4th, he rightly pointed out the McCarthyist thuggishness in those who suggest Trump colludes with Putin. Those who suggest Trump is a new Hitler, they project their own fascist tendencies. I am not afraid of racism, having lived with it my entire life without anyone, and I mean any single person, coming to my defense, including my well meaning parents. I was told to be smarter and work harder, so that’s what I did. I am talking about being denied work opportunities, having a gun held to my head by police, biases against my ethnicity in my dating life and everyday life, witnessing a family member beaten by baseball bat before the days of video recording, not receiving my due, not getting respect. I fought for myself alone, and yet I still fight for civil rights for Thurgood Marshall’s Afro-Americans, Hispanics, Women, LBGTQ, BLM. I don’t care if no one ever comes back to save me or other Asians. It’s just the right thing to do. That’s the funny expectation when you live in the country that dropped two nuclear bombs on my country, my people, and many many others bombs on other countries and peoples.

But what concerns me most and my privilege, about this election, is the palpable sense of sneering superiority that ill-liberals have about our “choices”. Even worse, how they have turned to tactics of authoritarians. How my friends routinely censor my facebook comments, my texts, my voice, because I want to discuss attempting a morally responsible decision in this now full-to-the-brim cesspool of politics and money we call an election. We are talking $5 billion U.S. dollars. How people I once thought of as good now insult me with childish vulgarities with immediate and extreme casual malice. How I was wished upon Watch Lists, me, a 120 pound Japanese-American with a 1st Amendment Right. Thanks for that, and you are welcome that I donated to your cancer fundraiser in your father’s honor, fascist asshole, and thanks to all my friends who didn’t give a shit that I’ve been shitted upon over and over.

I’m a witness to your dismissiveness, willful ignorance, condescension, flipped on its head hubris about gender or identity, denial of plain and simple facts. I see your echo chamber reverberations, your eagerness to adopt the other parties’ ploys, copycat false narratives, hopeless levitations of straw man arguments and psychological projections that reveal mendacity not reason. I look right through your lack of any faith in anything whatsoever, uses of math not as numbers but as psychological threats, taunting tautologies that are meaningless, obvious oblvious selfishness, your lack of empathy, sympathy, and compassion. I laugh at your unoriginal, unimaginative, and droll insults. I enjoy as entertainment, the demonstrable hatefests that festers beneath the thin skins of otherwise wholly acceptable members of society that pimple-burst out venomously upon slightest cross-examination. My shiny happy people have rusted out from inside. Sad! Is it their fault or society’s? Humans are nature and nurture, but my bias is that most of you have been nurtured a bit too well and denatured too long. You’re not as good as a person you think, my friends.

The enemy is not Trump, it is not Clinton. It is you, Little Hitler. You who would vote for either one, thinking that your choice is “better”. When you lack the basic debating skills or knowledge to back it up. Even so, your “better” choice, challenged by any rationale, logic, or appeal to seemingly not grokked to you concepts of morality, becomes inevitably downgraded by yourself to “lesser”. Something called evil, perhaps?

We don’t deserve either Trump or Clinton, friends. We deserve worse, nay, the same, we deserve another McCarthy, another Nixon, L.B.J., more Bush, all of the Bushes, another Clinton indeed. Yes, you want another Clinton, I hear. We deserve the Little Hitlers inside of all you. Because the new racism, the newer classism, is politicism, the kind that squashed all political parties in Germany, leading to the triumph of Hitler. Trump reminds you of it. Hillary is that. Politicalization not by authoritarian means, but by authority and by guilt-trip. Friendly, trendy meta-ideologicalism in ’16!

So, sieg heil, to you, my misnomered liberal friends, neighbors, citizens. That is a damn harsh critique, but we do live in an era of tribal mobs mentalites, from biological family, to Burning Man, to EDM festivals, to sports games, to police related riots or to anti-mob mobs online behind computer screens, including Hillary’s “Correct The Record”. When we are alone, does our consciousness slide to thoughts of riots and terrorism attacks, or to SXSW? I’m guessing riots or fear-based political groupthink rooted in a phony sense of individualism these days. *break free!*

This being America and all, you could rise up off the mortuary gurney of American Empire malaise and reject the badly mis-transplanted political organs inside of us all. Reach in and rip out that heart of distrust in both parties, of each other, of a single two-party system manifest complete in its divide and conquer plan to rule over us as capital building slaves.

If you don’t withhold your vote for both candidates, don’t withstand, and don’t consider a third party, such as Jill Stein’s Green Party, we stay enslaved and worse, possibly become Second World in a couple election cycles. Mexico and Canada will build walls and pay for them, to keep us out, and Trump will have the last joke. This is the last chance to choose third party. Climate change’s tipping point is synchronized with our political tipping point. Such providence that we have not one chance, the first being Bernie Sanders, and now two, with Jill Stein? These people are our elders. They are also rare, exceedingly so, and are just now hoping to recruit a few 20–30 something year olds, 50 years after they were 20. How many thousands of clone army zombie politicians do we have now, did have, and will keeping coming anew to keep America a massive status quo work camp, the world an international labor force that Hitler could have never dreamed of having when he enslaved Jews to death? The few of us that are “woke” have to insist, it’s our time, for everyone’s sake, for love of country and freedom, and so many souls around the world affected by our myriad global intersections, that we ALL WAKE UP. Do not hit the snooze button. *wake up!*

Another Clinton/Bush-ite is the one minute to the doomsday outcome, a continuation of feudal monarchy in a declining global empire that we said is a democracy and always aspired to meritocracy. Trump is just a complete liar in political terms, so’s Clinton. Jill Stein, she tells truth in a truth telling way. In a style all her own. We shouldn’t risk either Clinton or Trump. We should talk to everyone we know and tell them in no uncertain terms, that these are two maniacs we are bouncing between. There are other valid choices like Jill Stein, it’s crazy to not yell JILL STEIN 2016! from mountaintops. I have never used that word or “insane” this year against anyone, that is my first and last time. “Crazy” and “insane” is truly the Godwin’s Law of 2016.

It’s the year 2016, past the age of “Bladerunner” and almost the year of “Akira”. The dystopian future is here already. We didn’t get flying cars, but we got the same result. How do we know this? We still watch those dark movies. The age of Star Trek isn’t here yet. But we still make Star Trek movies. *hope!*

The bottom line, the last line, is that Hillary Clinton and the two parties, Democrat and Republican, the unified divide and conquer team, must be stopped this year or never. After Bernie’s fall, Trump adds triangulation, it’s tempting, but ultimately even for the most anti-Hillary voters, myself included, we have to admit, that Trump will have unintended consequences of his own. It’s just that Hillary’s unintended consequences will be ironically, predictable and ARMAFUCKINGEDDON. She will also probably lose, simply given the choice between known bad and unknown bad, a respite from the political elite monarchists. I have predicted this many times in my previous Medium articles, three of which are backed by real numbers. I present:

It’s time, past the deadline, to elect Dr. Jill Stein for President of our United States of America. Only a doctor, once medical and now practicing political health, can explain why we see a white tunnel of light near death, and walk us out of it. Be brave, and you will be rewarded by many who will join you in our peaceful political revolution.

Look at Jill’s brilliant insights into our economic systems, healthcare, foreign policy, education, and environment. Look at her proposed solutions that will excite the most jaded of you, even myself! Having met her in July in a Green Party friend’s back yard, I attest, she’s the real fighter, as smart as Hillary, as principled as Bernie Sanders, as appealing as Donald Trump is offensive. The way she talks on her feet, eye-opening impressive, better than Obama. She’s intuitive, a complex thinker, perceptive, an excellent judge of policy and people, and a guitarist and singer to boot. Did I say she’s a doctor from Harvard, back when it meant something? She can talk world leaders into peace with logic and cooperation as opposed to fighting World Wars, because she’s unusually rational and makes sense, as opposed to makes money. And also because hopefully, humanity is beyond World War and pretending weapons mean everything. I’m sorry Hillary, I wanted you to be President, but you choose to follow the footsteps of men and war. I want a true femininity to lead mankind out of war now. I can’t settle for less. We all cannot. Jill says this is the fight for our lives. I believe her.

Ok, check out Jill’s developing social media which is keeping it real. I’m just one guy afterall and everyone’s critic, but when I decide, I decide. This is the one. Jill is the one. Free your mind, free all of us.