I’ve learned web design in Academy of Art University in San Francisco through the past two and half years. I designed a lot of things, such as mobile application or web. I became to be able to use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop or many of other design software very well. I loved to design something.

However, there is one thing I’m really hating about design major. That is I will never make something happens in real. If I’ve done super cool looking designed website, and even spend a whole semester to think about user experience, that will never become to real. The only thing there is just a one PDF file in my USB drive.

I would not say, I want to be just an software engineer. I want to be a one who can design and engineer both.

My father spend me over fifty thousand dollar per year for my tuition. One of my younger brother is going to college this year. Another younger brother also going to private high school in this year. So my family don’t have much money.

I would appreciate for the Holberton School’s program that I don’t need to pay right now. I really would like to study in Holberton School for my future and for my parents.

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