Maternity — 10 funny situations in which each mother recognizes herself

Tata Nech
Tata Nech
Sep 5, 2018 · 4 min read

Being a parent is a great responsibility and great happiness. And although the life of each mother is colorful in its own way, there are typical situations in which every woman with a child faced for sure. Take the humor to the changes that have occurred to you after giving birth. We understand you, support and … we are the same!

We offer to look at 10 very familiar life situations in which we recognized ourselves. And what about you?

Pregnancy and childbirth

All the pregnancy we are waiting and afraid, and we say that we are not yet ready … But childbirth is like spring! Will come necessarily! And here is the week before giving birth! It seems with the question: “Well, how are you? Hasn’t she given a birth yet? “- every relative and friend called, including the first teacher (yes, she also has a page in the FB). And the phrase: “As though to give birth sooner!” — just a refrain sounds inside. In the brain? It seems all over the body! Two hours after the birth, we swear to ourselves: “No more sex! Okay — only with contraception and only in safe days! “. A couple of years later, when a little son had already given Mom and Dad a chance to straighten up and breathe, mother said this to father: “Dear … I think I want a daughter …”.

On maternity leave

First we try in vain to explain to the working husband that “sitting in a decree” is not easier than working. He does not believe, but he declines to swap places: cowardly escapes into the office, there is no way to keep him at home! A year later, giving in to persuasions and tired of his wife with her constant “I want to work!” And stories that she needs socialization, but for some reason the playground and a beautiful park do not suit her, husband decides to hire a nanny, and let his wife go to the office! Hooray? No! Do not cheer! In the office, mother just thinks: “I’d rather go home!”.

After the working day

If you wash everything and put the children and your husband to bed, you do not go to bed … Make yourself tea, take out cake, condensed milk or sweets (in general, something forbidden) and arrange a romantic dinner … with facebook.

The family is going for a walk

This means that the dad takes a shower, shaves, irones a T-shirt … And the mother, meanwhile, cleans children, catches to dress, shaves nothing, feeds them, changes clothes, as both managed to get dirty, pulls out a linen dress from the mountains of laundered laundry (negligence and bruising in the trend — you did not know?) and … she hears the question of the beloved (with a slight reproach in his voice): “Darling, are you still don’t ready? ..”


In the catalog, the mother with the sling looked like a model. The child is happy, the young lady looks like a fairy! In fact, it turned out that without a sling consultant painlessly wrap this stylish rag around herself, while not dropping or strangling the baby is very problematic …

We lay down to sleep

We are for a joint dream! You put the child, lie down next to you and think: “Now he will fall asleep, and I, at last, pinch my eyebrows, wash my head and … I will do depilation.” You wake up in two hours: everything is in place (and eyebrows, and hair and legs,), but you already do not care. We need to feed the crumbs.

He smiled at me! He loves me!

Of course he does! Love simply! But often babies smile when they are relieved, having made all their important affairs in a diaper.

Mom, take me in your arms! We need our children. And it pleases! Well, who else would jump out of the bath to fix the blanket as soon as mom could? Will it help to deploy the candy, while trying to park? Find any lost toy and, putting the backpack on her shoulders, take on the arms (they are free!)?

And now … disco

Mom’s life even without dancing fun. And without music, by the way, too. The perfect party is an empty cafe, delicious coffee and a cupcake. And, yes! You can eat whole, sitting and … drink coffee, while it’s still warm!

Daddy’s care

Daddy loves his baby! Very very! So after Mom put the baby to bed, Daddy comes up and checks if the baby is breathing … He’s breathing so loud that this very baby wakes up. She yells so that it becomes clear: “Breathes!”. Hooray!

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