MODULE 10 and 11

What can you do as a preservice teacher to challenge the traditional education assessment paradigm?

  • Use differing assessment tools — Change the way that assessments are being completed. Monitor the students learning in effective ways that do not include summative assessments like exams.
  • Provide regular feedback — Set aside time that allows you to give each student one-on-one feedback when it is appropriate. Providing the students with constructive feedback regularly will make the areas that students need to improve in more evident and will improve their own learning.
  • Give the students options — This may include giving the child a choice of how they would like to present a task. For example work can be displayed through role plays. Allowing the students to showcase their work through creative ways can allow for equal opportunities as it allows all students to engage with the task and present it in ways that they are capable of or good at. (Not all students are good at reading/writing)
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