1. Has your opinion of the SAMAR model changed? As a teacher would you still use it to underpin your teaching activities? Why/Why not?

After reading the provided article my views on the SAMAR model have slightly changed. Although, keeping in mind that as a pre-service teacher I am looking to provide future generations with the appropriate skills and tools in order to effectively use technology — I would still use the SAMAR model. Qualities mentioned in the model like collaboration and creativity are very big components of a classroom. As a teacher I believe that I can take skills learnt from this model that I feel are appropriate and useful and alter them in order to apply them where I believe they fit.

Bloom’s Taxonomy has undergone many revisions since it was published e.g. Krathwohl, 2000; Marzano, 2000, etc. Compare and contrast Bloom’s Taxonomy with a revised taxonomy of your choice.

3. Which learning theory did you identify with most? Why are they important for teachers?
I identified with Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) the most as it has a 
 large focus on content knowledge which includes a deep knowledge of the subject matter. Pedagogical knowledge includes HOW to teach, the appropriate theories, principles and concepts that surround the discipline of teaching. PCK is surrounded by strong analogies, examples, demonstrations, explanations and illustrations that transform content knowledge (subject matter) to ensure that it is understood by each student. It is extremely important that students are able to comprehend all learning, which is why PCK is effective for a teacher.

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